What Makes A Good Sports Watch?

by | Nov 3, 2011 | Recreation and Sports

A sports watch is an accessory that reflects an athlete’s personality. This must be kept in mind when heading to a store to buy a sports watch. Watches are available for different type of sports. You may be a swimmer, a runner or even a motor cycle racer, there’s a watch for everyone.

Listed below are some of the criteria of a good sports watch:


Sports watches must be durable to last long enough. Being a sports person, your watch is definitely going to be subjected to a lot of rough use and you will not want a watch to stop working within a year of its purchase. The common traits of a durable watch are a thick rubber strap or a metal strap, a solid design and a recognisable brand name.

Water Resistant

Resistance to water is a feature that is very essential for swimmers, divers and triathlons. Their respective sports require them to encounter water. However, the water resistance feature can be useful for other sportsmen too. A bare minimum of 50m depth is required for any water resistant watch.


Sports watches must have the basic features such as a tachometer and a lap timer. Any added feature adds to the cost of the watch. Features are proportional to the costs.

Style Appeal

Sports watches are not much known for their exquisite looks. They are rather looked for robustness but, buying dull looking watches is surely to be avoided. The important thing is that the looks of the watch must appeal to you.

Buying a sports watch is not an everyday thing. Ensure that the watch you decide to buy, matches with the basic criteria mentioned above.

sports watches

sports watches

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