Fishing Strategies From Delta Sturgeon Fishing Guides

by | Feb 5, 2019 | Recreation and Sports

While there are a lot of different species of fish found in the San Francisco Bay area as well as the California Delta, perhaps the single species that brings in the most anglers is the sturgeon. This is one of the biggest fish in the area, and it is also one of the species in the area that is an ideal winter fish.

There are a small number of Delta sturgeon fishing guides with the experience and knowledge of these fish to be able to find them throughout the winter months. These are a more elusive fish that vary their patterns based on several factors, including the weather.

To help anglers intent on adding one or more of these fish to their captured list, here are a few important tips from experienced Delta sturgeon fishing guides.

The Tides Matter

While it is possible for these fish to bite at any time, they are most active when the tide changes, and specifically when it is going out. The bigger the change in the outgoing tide, the more active the feeding. Fast tides are also important, and those tend to fall on a full and new mood with a negative tide.

These fish feed on the bottom and the fast-moving, outgoing tide pulls up material off the muddy floor of the Delta. Sturgeon fishing guides know where to go to maximize this effect and position anglers in the ideal location.

Bait Selection

Natural bait that is selected base on the specific time of year is always a good option. In the first part of the year, herring and roe are a great option, with small shrimp species, salmon roe, eels, and worms also a good selection throughout the year.

The best guides always supply the ideal bait based on what is currently in the water and what the sturgeon are feeding on. As this can change quickly, trusting the expertise of the guide is always the best option.

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