Aston Martin GT4- It Doesn’t Get More Real Than This

by | Feb 13, 2017 | Recreation and Sports

Get a taste of what it feels like to on the track with the Aston martin GT4. The ultimate thrill can be only enjoyed with the ultimate sports car. The Aston Martin GT4 is one mean machine that will make your heart weary so thrillingly fast that would quality for a speed record of its own. We are talking 0 to 100 in about 4 seconds. Things surely get ramped up at the F1 grand prix circuit. So buckle up as it is time put pedal to the metal and only you being on the driving seat, for what it can be described as an overdose of adrenaline, velocity and pure excitement, all into one beast of a machine.

The F1 grand prix circuit concept is exceptional and provides ample perception on the unmatched thrill of driving for racing enthusiasts and amateurs alike. Getting a driver experience only, the speed driven elation of being on the track in a sports car is out of the world. It is not only to test your skill but also a mental test between you and the curve-roads ahead.

We start off with a briefing on the safety and then you can suit up and enjoy the thrill of raw speed speed as take the lead-follow experience with the professional instructor around the world-class track. In the beginning, the driver needs to come and register. Driving time is about 20 minutes. The total duration of the experience takes about 80 minutes. The basic requirements of the driver are 18 years old and 15 years for those who have a race license. Height should be between 152 to 190 cm with the maximum weight of 118 kgs. To enjoy the adventure, a valid driving license is required with an approved race license.

If you have ever fancied getting behind the wheel of a turbo boosted, heart racing car, Aston Martin GT4 is an exciting opportunity to take you to the world of speed. Browse site for more information.

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