What is an embroidered patch?

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Embroidered patches are decorative items that are attached to clothing, the patch bears a design which shows an affiliation with a group or recognition of an accomplishment; a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu patch is a typical example. Embroidered patches have the design rendered in a number of colored threads, the finished patch is affixed to the clothing either by heat fusion of sewing. Although a decorative patch can be affixed directly to a garment this is impractical. Embroidered patches are often produced to show ones national identity and are usually affixed to a back pack or tote, other patches can be custom ordered with the design as specified by the customer.

Patch construction starts with a rather stiff fabric base onto which the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu patch design is embroidered. Although it is not a necessity, the higher quality patches have an embroidered edge, creating a border or frame for the design. Although all patches are fabric not all are the same, some are somewhat stiffer than others but in all cases the patch retains some degree of flexibility so that it allows freedom of movement for the wearer.

Patches can be affixed to the garment in a couple of different ways; heat and sewing. Many patches are supplied with a heat sensitive adhesive on the reverse side, when subjected to heat from an iron the adhesive is activated. The only problem with patches that are affixed with adhesive is they cannot be removed. Because many patches are worn as a mark of excellence or an award most are sewn on, in this way the patch can be removed and re-sewn to a different garment.

The designs that are available are literally endless, it is very common for embroidered patches to be used by schools, athletic groups, competitions, etc. Patches are either given to members to show their affiliation with a group or they are used as an award in a competition. A patch is generally related to an achievement of some sort, a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu patch is often given to participants in competitions or those who train for the sport in a certain training facility or gym.

Embroidered patches can be ordered in bulk or they can be produced in small runs. Bulk purchased patches are often sewn to company uniforms whereas custom patches may be ordered for club affiliation or any special event where recognition is expected.
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