Tips For Choosing Karate Classes For Kids

by | Jun 20, 2014 | Martial Arts

The popularity of martial arts seems to continue to grow each and every year. The result is that there are a lot of schools, clubs, centers and facilities offering karate classes for children as well as for adults. While it is easy to choose a class for yourself, trying to select a good karate instructor and training facility for your children is not quite as simple.

The following tips are helpful when choosing karate classes for kids regardless of their age or ability level. As a parent you should definitely want a class that encourages parents to remain for the class and allows you time to ask questions and interact with the instructor either after the class or by appointment. Remember in larger facilities the instructor may be teaching back to back classes so calling or emailing to schedule a convenient time to talk is always that best option.

Watch At Least one Class at the Facility

Unless you are familiar with the instructor and the facility it is a good idea to ask to sit in on a class before your child attends. Top karate classes will have no issues with parents wanting to see the format of the class as well as how the instructor interacts with the children during the class.

Try to imagine your child in the class, which ideally should be the same age group and experience level as your child is at. It is important to know that karate classes do not teach other martial arts and there is a difference between the different disciplines.

Experience of the Instructor

While you may not expect that your child will continue on with karate classes to competition level, you also may want to keep this option open. This is especially true for the older kids that are really interested in learning karate and are also expressing an interest in competition.

Selecting an instructor that has formal training in being a trainer is essential. He or she should always have a black belt ranking in addition to their teaching qualifications. In some of the top schools offering karate classes the instructors may be recognized champions in the sport, but this is not always a necessary requirement to be an outstanding teacher and trainer.

Remember that karate classes involve more than just athletics. It is about learning self-control, respect and discipline as well. Talk to your child, talk to the instructors and learn about the school to find just the right match for your children.

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