Hit the Right Shot With The Perfect Polo Mallet

by | Jul 10, 2012 | Recreation and Sports

A good polo mallet is probably the most important equipment that you require in a game of polo.  The proper design of a mallet is what determines how hard you hit the ball and how far it travels to the goal.  Mallet makers put in a lot of thought in designing the perfect mallet.  A polo mallet is one of those things that cannot be made with a cookie cutter approach.  Every individual player has very specific requirements and needs to choose the mallet that fits his style of playing best.  That is why when you go mallet shopping, your need to be able to spend enough time deliberating which one you like and what works best for you.

What Makes A Good Polo Mallet

There are three prime parts of a mallet – The cane, the head and the balance of the mallet.  Each one of these plays a very significant role in determining the quality of the mallet.  The cane of a polo mallet is usually made up of the very popular Manu wood. Manu is a very versatile wood that comes in various densities, dimensions, weights and qualities.  The requirement of every player depends upon his height and weight, the kind of Sport he likes to play and many other factors.  Based on these specifications, the mallet maker determines the size and dimensions of the cane.

The head of a polo mallet is of equal significance.  Once again here, every player differs in his choice of the size and weight of the mallets head. Oversized heads has been preferred over a long time.  Newer players like to go with oversized or medium sized heads.  There are special mallets with lighter heads for the girls and anybody else who might like them that way.

The next and probably the most important part of the making of a polo mallet is the balance.  How well the mallet is balanced makes all the difference between a good mallet and a fantastic mallet.  The ratio of and proportion of the cane and the head need to be perfect according to every player’s individual requirements.  The tapering of the cane, the flex come up the number of knots, the density of the wood, thickness, and a number of other factors come to play while balancing a polo mallet.

Choosing The Right Polo Mallet For You

There is no ‘one size fits all’ polo mallet.  Every individual player has his own requirements and preferences.  A player who makes his living playing polo will obviously need to go for a professional grade polo mallet.  These are the highest quality in polo mallets and of course can be quite expensive too.  Others can choose their mallets based on their height, weight, what thickness and flex do they like and a number of other factors.  Take your time deciding and find the perfect polo mallet that works best for you.

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