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2015 NFL Draft: Jameis Winston projected as No. 1 Overall Pick

Jameis Winston may serve as a success story for the 2011 collective bargaining agreement or as a gigantic red mark on its record. During the 2011 CBA negotiations the NFLPA agreed to a rule that would prohibit players from coming from entering the NFL without first having waited 3 years from their


Thinking Outside the Box with Bowling Birthday Party Supplies

A birthday party is one of the most important events in life. It is a day you look forward to and you always want to provide the best gifts be it for your kids, friends, colleagues or loved ones. In this information age however it is a herculean task to surprise people


What is an embroidered patch?

Embroidered patches are decorative items that are attached to clothing, the patch bears a design which shows an affiliation with a group or recognition of an accomplishment; a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu patch is a typical example. Embroidered patches have the design rendered in a number of colored threads, the finished patch is


Hit the Right Shot With The Perfect Polo Mallet

A good polo mallet is probably the most important equipment that you require in a game of polo.  The proper design of a mallet is what determines how hard you hit the ball and how far it travels to the goal.  Mallet makers put in a lot of thought in designing the


Women’s Lacrosse Gear For Beginners

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