What to Expect During Toddler Swim Classes in Tucson AZ

by | Aug 17, 2015 | Swimming Instructor

Learning to swim is an important lesson for kids to learn. This should be taught at a very early age, so children become comfortable with the water. As early as 6 months, parents can have their children participate in swim lessons. Toddler Swim Classes in Tucson AZ are available to all residents. Parents should know what to expect, however, before they sign their children up for these lessons.

Parents Take the Classes with Their Children

Parents need to be aware that they will be participating in these lessons. They do not simply drop their children off with an instructor. Each parent will be required to get in the water with their child and help them perform the tasks the instructor indicates.

Low Swimmer to Instructor Ratios

Some swim classes are full of swimmers, with only one instructor available to help. This can leave some kids feeling excluded and missing out. In toddler swim classes, there is a low swimmer to instructor ratio. This means only a few children will be participating in the lessons at one time, so each one can get the help they need to learn.

Regular Feedback

The instructors will not only instruct parents and children on the skills to try, but they will also provide feedback about what they’re doing well, and what needs to be worked on. This can help parents see exactly where their child is lacking and what they need to do to help them learn better.

Swimming Songs

Since toddlers in the class are so young, it is often difficult for them to focus on the tasks at hand. With the help of swimming songs, parents and instructors can better keep their attention on swimming and the skills they need to learn.

Toddler Swim Classes in Tucson AZ help a number of children from the area learn to swim each year. With the help of both a certified instructor and their own parents, each child will learn the skills necessary to be a strong swimmer.

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