Ice fishing- the do’s and the don’t s

Cold weathers are nightmares for people who love fishing. For many anglers, cold weather means a break from fishing. Yet, there are many who enjoy the thrill and adventure of fishing in the cold. These anglers love to stand on frozen water and peep through ice holes. People who face tremendous weather changes and cold might be familiar with the term ‘Ice Fishing’.

Fishing requires lot of patience and commitment. For beginners, it might be more of a daunting task. But, once you get a feel of ice fishing, there is no turning back. Fishing during winters can be fun and dangerous at the same time. Safety should not be compromised at the expense of having fun. Enjoying is one thing, safety is another. Ensure to converge both. Some anglers do it for a living and they cannot afford to enjoy the luxury of avoiding fishing during winters.

Here are certain tips that can help you maximize your chances of getting a catch during winters.

  • Be prepared for the weather. When fishing on a frozen lake, the weather is surely going to be real cold. Make sure your body is warm and you are wearing appropriate and ample clothes. The important parts of your body i.e. the hands and feet must be fully covered.
  • Make sure you are fishing at a time when most of the fishes are vulnerable. Wait for fishes to get active and then try and catch them. Patience is important, and if well equipped catching many would be an easy one fro you.
  • Gang hooks are the most preferable and used of the bait materials while ice fishing. It is a bunch of small hooks tied in tandem which helps bait to look natural. This method can double your chances of a hook up.


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