Hunters: Make Sure Your Guns Are Well Protected

by | Dec 20, 2019 | business

If you like to hunt, then you probably own a few guns, and these will need to be kept somewhere safe not just because you don’t want them stolen, but you also don’t want any youngsters getting into trouble with them. Of course, any person who hunts regularly will never store a gun away when it’s loaded; however, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

There are also sorts of safes you can buy for your guns, but the best brand is probably the Oahu gun safe. This happens to be one of the most popular brands in the US. Not only are they great value for money, they have lots of features that many other manufacturers cannot boast.

For a start, a safe like this will have the capacity to house up to 24 guns, and they can be as long as 30 inches in length. This is big enough to easily handle the guns you need when you go hunting. In fact, many gun-store owners will use these safes to keep their own collection of guns well protected.

The bolts that come with a safe like this are 4 ways, and they’re about 1 ½ inches thick, which is at least ½ an inch thicker than their close counterparts. The safe itself is made from steel which is 12 inches thick, and this more than enough to deter a would-be thief.

The weight of a Oahu gun safe comes in at under 600lbs, which means it’s not easy to carry, and would slow any thief down. However, if you want to eliminate this issue completely, you can bolt it to the floor.

The locking system that comes with the safe is electronic, but if you’re prepared to pay a bit more, you can have a digital system which will come with a more robust keypad.

If you’re worried about fire damage, there really is no need. These safes will last up to one hour in a blaze that reaches temperatures of 1200 degrees, and during this time the internal temperature will not go above 350 degrees.

If you’re a seasonal hunter in Oahu, it may be that your guns are stored away for a few months at a time, and the manufacturers behind the Oahu gun safe have thought about this too. The humidity will be controlled so parts of your guns don’t become rusty; however, it won’t hurt for you to check them every now and then.

The fact is if you’re on the market for a gun safe, you definitely won’t go wrong with this model. It’s affordable, uses a good level of security, and is roomy. You can buy them just about anywhere and there are lots of websites who will be more than happy to take an order online, and deliver to your doorsteps.

If you want a safe that will last, and will not only keep your guns safe but protect them from the elements as well, you should definitely think about buying this model. Browse the site for more information.

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